My story has always been a strange one – the math/science nerd who loved to craft, color, and sketch. Such opposing sides were tough to balance, even more so upon reaching adulthood. As a management consultant, I donned the persona of trained engineer and analytical thinker. As a designer, blogger, and shopkeeper, I morphed to an artistically-inclined free spirit. But everything wrapped together? It took years to appreciate this uncommon advantage.

In the new age of innovation, old notions are being redefined, or perhaps, returning to their fundamental concepts. Anything can be designed, and creativity flows from everywhere. Yesterday's outliers are today's innovators, fashioning everything from furniture to phone apps. Creativity without limits, it seems, is the best kind.

And so, I've rebranded Sukio as simply A Creative Company, one that tackles any creative endeavor. If I were a painter, Sukio would be my brush – a tool for expression rather than the work itself. It's the inspired catchall where I experiment, design, document, and connect.


Chief Creative Officer and Lifelong Learner

Image: The award-winning Kogod Courtyard, one of my favorite places to think


About Desiré

Desiré Greene is a management consultant, writer, and design practitioner with a passion for creative thought and expression. Her career spans consulting roles with Booz Allen Hamilton, PwC, and boutique firms as well as ongoing initiatives through Sukio Design Co. Her work benefits from an array of diverse interests, including visual and user experience design, writing, photography, art, interior decoration, and technology. Aside from earning a B.S. from MIT and coursework at the Art Institute, Desiré is a student of creativity, design thinking, and innovation. She currently resides in Washington, DC where she serves as the Chief Creative Officer of Vergys LLC.


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