The Story

It seems like only yesterday when the beginnings of Memo Rogue took shape over a meal of chicken, donuts, and Coca-Cola. It was my first time articulating the concept to a third party and saying “worklifestyle” aloud. Luckily, my audience was a good friend and former colleague. We’ve spent years discussing the challenges of corporate life in similar settings, so the conversation felt natural but, sadly, routine. Such is the case when any group of 2 or more professional women get together. It’s an old saw but nonetheless true: the relationship between women and work is often strained.

A University of Pennsylvania alumna and respected executive coach, my friend was the perfect sounding board. She had seen all sides of the issue in her line of work (some of them quite comical) while maintaining her own sanity in the daily grind that is office life. I won her over with a simple message: There are so many magazines fueling our lives outside of work, offering wisdom on fashion, sex, household chores, and reading lists, yet none focus on where we spend most of our day, work. Yes, we can piece together articles from around the web, but a one-stop shop exclusively dedicated to living our best between 9 and 5 seemed elusive.

Reflecting on that evening, I realize that our entrée was the perfect metaphor for the principle behind Memo Rogue. Donuts, bacon, and fried chicken (I know, right?)—tasty ingredients that are seldom seen together now on one plate. Likewise, though without the obvious health implications, Memo Rogue brings together the many ingredients of a women’s work life, from her wardrobe to her PowerPoint skills. And we plan to do it as chicly as possible, because after all, what’s a good meal without a fabulous presentation?

The Overview

Here's a Sway presentation that captures the essence of Memo Rogue. Click here to view it in full screen.


Committed to blurring the line between work and play, celebrating every woman’s special brand of uniqueness and helping her bring it to the office


Resources and inspiration to conquer your workday


Present and aspiring women executives who work to live; delight in everyday luxury; and seek to change their workplace for the better

The Vibe

I enlisted the help of friends to design the logo, which is inspired by a prominent fashion brand (Can you guess who?). It started with an idea, then a sketch, then Adobe Illustrator. Thanks, Emily and Ruby!


Here's a sample of graphics created to date. The Memo Rogue brand is all about high-impact imagery, strength, and sass.