7 Days of Joy: My Non-Traditional Holiday Greeting

Those who follow on Pinterest or Twitter may be asking, "What exactly is Desiré up to?" You see, I’ve been almost exclusively posting #7daysofjoy since last Wednesday. What's #7daysofjoy? It’s my own little campaign to remind us of the joy of the holidays – the things worth remembering and doing.

I was especially inspired by the tragedy in Newtown. Perhaps, this should be my Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post, but during Christmas week 2010, I lost my own sweet loved one to gun violence. His memorial service was on Christmas Eve. Some would say that my Christmas is forever ruined, much like my birthday (September 11th), but I choose to dwell on the joy of his memory, the joy of Christmas, and the joy in all things. Now, it’s become my personal quest to share that joy with you!

Here’s a recap:

Day 1: Words are powerful. Let’s use them to uplift! A compliment or kind word costs little but can mean a lot!

Day 2: Make a joyful noise! Music has an innate ability to put pep in one’s step. So sing a song, play a tune, and be glad!

Day 3: Kindness breeds joy! Practice random acts of kindness today and every day. Simple gestures can mean so much.

Day 4: Find joy in the little things! Each day brings new moments to enjoy and share. Take the time to appreciate them.

Day 5: Charity and joy go hand in hand. Christmas is the perfect time of year to give to those in need. Make a charitable donation and spread the joy!

Day 6 (Today): Make time for loved ones. We are nothing without our family and friends. Cherish the joy their company, or memory, brings! (We love you, Henry!)

Day 7: Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours the joy of the holiday season!

Christmas marks the arrival of a blessing to the world, and a reminder of the joy within those who appreciate that miracle. This joy is expressed in different ways, among them charitable giving, donated time, or simple expressions of comfort and encouragement. #7days... looks to recognize the spirit of joy echoed or reflected in varied examples during these days before Christmas. Celebrate with us! Tweet/Tag #7daysofjoy