ADE: I am the master of my domain... literally

I started out as a pretty unwilling participant in the world of blogging. I was told to do it, so I did – not out of a burning passion to share my design perspectives but as a business owner who needed to connect with the world. Beginning on Tumblr (because it was the easiest), I was exposed to some awesome blogs and amazing images that made me want to see and share more. Within a few months, I moved the blog here so I could exercise even more creative freedom. And although the blog has grown in many ways, my creative exercise regimen just ain’t what it used to be.


You see, before I was blogging, I was making. I did projects at random – sewing slipcovers and pillowcases on a whim. I sketched out ideas, wrote poetry, and did… basically whatever I felt like doing. My creative side was a "free spirit" and she answered to no one.

Then came the blog. I was told to have a focus, the smaller the niche, the better. And in my niche-making, I forgot about (or lacked time for) the real making. "No sketching? No sewing?" asked the free spirit. “No sketching! No sewing!" replied my business savvy. "Not that I don’t want to but we must do what the experts say. Priorities, my dear."

So, I spent over a year blogging about design and put most other creative pursuits on the backburner. I was moderately happy with the results but there was definitely something missing. Frustrated, I’d take breaks from time to time, as some of you may have noticed.


Then… an epiphany! They always come in the strangest of ways. I was clicking through The Glamourai, a fashion site that I read from time to time. “This blog makes me wanna blog!” On that particular day, The Glamourai seemed like more than your average blog. It was a creative mind on display via HTML and javascript. There is little text about the author or why you should buy her services or what the site is even about! No complexity. Just creative fierceness. I’m sure a social media expert somewhere would ping her for the break from protocol, but I, of course, love it. I decided that I am the master of my own domain ( and that I should do with it as I please – most importantly, use it to cultivate my free spirit, not suppress her.

I guess this isn’t an epiphany but more of an affirmation. I already started making changes on the site but expect even more. Not sure what the changes will be but definitely less fuss and more me. In the end, I may be performing to an empty theater with a few die-hard fans (Thanks, Ma!) but if you don't love what you're doing, why bother?

A Designer's Eye (ADE) focuses on training and refining my artistic eye; developing my instincts; learning to trust them; and sharing what I find.

Images: Kristian Schuller, The Glamourai