Designers, Bloggers, and Mags. Oh my!

Earlier this month, Traditional Home Magazine announced its New Trad Class of 2012, a blogger-nominated list of interior designers who exemplify the New Trad aesthetic. Although based on differing criteria, I can’t help but compare the New Trad Class to the recent Bloggers’ Choice list by Elle Decor featuring "rising talents in the interior design field." Pardon any confusion as I recount the highlights.

  • Two designers were nominated to both lists, Tammy Conner and cutie pie Nick Olsen. While just learning of Tammy, I'm certainly aware of Nick Olsen, who I may have nominated based on his wit alone (See his tweets to get my meaning).
  • For New Trad, Nick was nominated by Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick who, by the way, were nominated to Elle Decor’s list. Fancy that!
  • As for nominators, design bloggers Nicole Gibbons of So Haute and Ronda Carman of All the Best contributed to both efforts. In fact, Ronda nominated three folks in all, one being Tammy Conner.
  • And in a strange turn of events, James Andrew, as both blogger and designer, nominated himself. Makes sense, I suppose.

Considering the results, I wonder if Traditional Home and Elle Decor should have consolidated their efforts. What do you think of the final lists?