Friday Fashion: LSD

Love it or hate it, LSD’s New York apartment is definitely one of a kind.

New York Apartment of Lauren Santo Domingo

Admittedly, this week’s Friday Fashion post is more decor than fashion, but I find it inspiring to peek inside the homes of prominent fashionistas. I expected nothing less when I learned of the feature on Lauren Santa Domingo’s apartment - inspiring translations of fashionable tastes! However, hopes of inspiration soon turned into utter confusion. Was this pure genius or eclecticism gone wrong? I couldn’t tell!

Lauren Santo Domingo New York Apartment
Lauren Santo Domingo New York Apartment

After a few weeks, I’ve decided that, if nothing else, I appreciate Lauren’s very strong point of view. Rustic, glam, quirky… At least it’s not boring. And among all the unusual finishes and furnishings, I can pick out pieces that I truly love. Ahhh… sweet inspiration.

Lauren Santo Domingo New York Aparment

Yes, I could’ve written this post weeks ago, but I’m glad that I took the time to assess my initial reaction. Lesson learned - different is good! Design is personal, just like art, and differing perspectives help it evolve.

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