Guest Post: Say "hello" to Eclectic A

Today's post comes by way of my Pinterest partner in crime, Adrienne of Eclectic A! Back in February, we collaborated on an awesome Pinterest board for New York Fashion Week. By the look of her pins and groovy tumblelog, you can bet she's one stylish chica. Give her a follow!



Right now we’re transitioning our wardrobes from winter to spring, putting away the heavy coats and boots and adding more accessories and sandals to our looks.  While you maybe shopping for that one special handbag or bracelet, I’ve recently discovered there’s no better piece than a taxi cab.  Yup, there’s something about a brightly yellow car that instantly adds panache to any look, no matter the time of year.  City girls never had it so good.   

  Images via Refinery 29, Tommy Ton/PinterestCandice Lake, Rutti Tutti Frutti & WDUGT Street.