In Like a Lion...

March may be one of the most peculiar months of the year with perfect spring days and record snowfalls all within the same 4-week period. The first day of March proved to be the former. I was thrilled to walk about coatless during the afternoon hours. Hellooooo, March!

DC's 70-plus-degree day gave new meaning to the old proverb "in like a lion..." inspiring this tribute to our feline friend. Striking, regal, and dare I say, glamorous, which lion best captures the start of your month?

1. Majestic and unmovable. Credit: National Geographic


2. Impressive and imposing. Chanel Fall 2012 RTW Runway. Credit:


3. Fabulous and fearless. The Fearless Lola Walking The Lion King. Credit: Esther Haase

webb_esther haase_fearless lola.jpg

4. Stress-free and unfazed. Rachel Weisz for Bulgari. Credit: Mert & Marcus


Dear March, how are you? And the rest? Did you leave Nature well? - Emily Dickinson