Interiors: A Modern Masculine Office


This week's storm underscores the importance of an inspiring workspace, especially for creative professionals. In fact, we all need spaces where we can feel comfy and productive regardless of the outside environment. An inspiring space can mean something different for each of us, and for designer Reed Krakoff, inspiration comes via a mix of contemporary furnishings and vintage touches.

By far, my favorite part of the office is Reed's desk, a table designed by Joris Laarman, with its web-like, aluminum base. Of his desk and the plywood Cinderella table that sits at the center of the room, Reed notes, "These pieces show how something can be modern, graphic, and architectural, and also have a romantic, feminine line."


Desk accessories include vintage Hermès pieces, a Victorian-era bamboo magnifying glass, and glass vessels to organize art supplies.


The sitting area boasts a custom sectional, designed by Reed and his wife in the brand’s signature gray felt, along with other modern furnishings. "I don’t in any way ‘decorate’—it’s just a mix of things I’m interested in."

Images: Joshua McHugh, Architectural Digest