Interiors: Bright White...

Designer Marisa González Serna uses bright whites to reflect light and provide the perfect backdrop for unique finds like this Venus de Milo replica. The white expoxy floors are not only wonderfull gleaming, but incredibly durable. (On a personal note, the white upholstery reminds me of my first foray into "statement-making" design. The plan - white armchairs against a dark brown wall with an oversized, Scarface movie poster (black and white, of course). I met resistance at every turn. The Crate and Barrel sales rep tried his darnedest to talk me out of white upholstery. A friend was COMPLETELY disgusted by my choice of brown paint. Keep in mind that this was early 2004, prior to the chocolate brown craze that would soon sweep the design world.

I pressed on but could not surmount the fierce opposition to my choice of artwork. I personally thought it was kitschy and ironic. After all, Scarface posters were for dorm rooms and bachelor pads. My mother thought it was simply in bad taste. I eventually yielded and purchased a pair of very nice, but boring, prints from the Bombay Company. They were well-framed, tied together my color palette, and featured more appropriate subject matter like flowers and butterflies. Ugh! Regrets! Lesson learned: Stick to your vision - especially, when it comes to your own space.)

via Nuevo Estilo