Interiors: LA Home Brings The Outdoors In


Although this post is more architecture than interiors and more modern than glamour, I simply had to share! Designed by Lehrer Architects, this Los Angeles home ingeniously integrates materials and design techniques to create a harmonious balance with the outdoors. The entire home is bathed in natural light thanks to a 200-foot-long skylight and a steel frame allows walls to float or simply disappear.


Lehrer took the idea of indoor/outdoor living so essential to the L.A. lifestyle and interpreted it in a three-story, 13,000-square-foot structure whose massive sliding and pivoting glass walls, doors, and windows convert indoor spaces into true open-air pavilions. - AD


The house is here to frame the landscape and admit light... You can see the beautiful gardens and trees wherever you are. - Michael Lehrer


The bedroom is AMAZING, like a luxe tree house. I could hang out here all day. What do you think? Bring the outdoors in? Or more privacy please?

Images: Roger Davies, AD