MDD, darling...

Million Dollar Decorators Bravo TV

Million Dollar Decorators Bravo TV

Did you watch? I'm talking about Million Dollar Decorators, Bravo's newest reality creation. After months of waiting, the first episode aired last night at 10pm EST. Yay! The show features one of my favorites, Mary McDonald, along with fellow designers Jeffrey Alan Marks, Nathan Turner, Kathryn Ireland and Martyn-Lawrence Bullard.

The twitterverse was ablaze with comments and critiques. It seems many were annoyed by the name dropping, the "price tag dropping", Martyn’s strange accent (sorry Martyn), and his persistent use of the word "darling". Various tweeps characterized the designers as shallow and superficial. My response, but of course! With a tagline like Designing while under the affluence, prepare to be darling-ed and smothered with air kisses.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the show. Who’s your favorite, or least favorite, Million Dollar Decorator?