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Jonathan Adler’s otherworldly bath design for Kohler

 He designs everything from pottery to needlepoint pillows to wallpaper to clothes. So, why not take a spin at bathrooms?! Of course, this isn’t really a stretch for Jonathan Adler. As an interior designer, he’s left his maximalist mark on many residential and commercial spaces. Now, a bathroom installation at the Kohler Design Center, cleverly named “Barococo Futurism”, can be added to the list!

Kohler Bathroom Installation by Jonathan Adler

With its white, up-lit floor and French Neo-classical detailing, the bathroom borrows inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001, A Space Odyssey (see pic). But unlike the movie, I find this room more whimsical than creepy. Jo Brown of Kohler writes “Luminous and otherworldly yet surprisingly functional, this is one room that refuses to take itself too seriously.” I agree!

Kohler Bathroom Installation by Jonathan Adler

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