Sukio and the Old Noir

Using black in home design may be on trend, but it certainly isn’t new. This occurred to me as I leafed through an old issue of Elle Decor. I decided to kill some time while the paint contractor worked his magic on Sukio’s new space and reached to my stacks of magazines. “What’s this?”, a dog-eared page. Curious to see what I found so notable 3 years ago, I quickly turned to the image of import.

There it was. A black room. I turned a few pages more to find an editorial on black objects titled “Film Noir.”

Next in the stack was an issue of Domino featuring Jenna Lyon’s amazing home. I remember being smitten by her use of black in the most unlikely spaces, including the bathroom and nursery.

So it seems, many of us have had a love affair with black for many years. Personally, I just needed the right space to fulfill my dream of sexy, dark walls. Looks like today is the day!

Images: Elle Decor & Domino Magazines

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