The 20/20 Cure

Sometimes, you get so busy with life that you forget to enjoy most of it. You go to work, come home, cook/clean/sleep, and start the cycle all over again. Rote activities take over, and instead of viewing it as progress, we see maintenance. Caring for our living space is especially vulnerable to this apathetic thinking, and where there’s apathy, there’s neglect.

Enters the 20/20 Cure by Apartment Therapy. Think of it as detox for your house, a 20-day program dedicated to restoring health to your home. The best part? IT’S EASY (or at least seems to be). Essentially, Maxwell, the genius behind Apartment Therapy, assigns 20 minute tasks designed to get your house in shape. After four weeks, you’ll emerge with a healthier, cheerier, and more likable abode. Oh, you even get the weekends off. Good stuff!

And we’re not talking about major reno or craft projects. From the looks of the 20/20 Cure website, it’s a bunch of stuff we should be doing anyway, e.g., Declutter medicine cabinet. The key difference is that mundane activities are now packaged in a meaningful way. You’re not just throwing out expired bottles of Tylenol and old toothpaste, you’re working towards something! A beautiful, happier home.

So, I hope you’ll join me in getting “cured”. As a business owner focused on beautifying the spaces of others, my own home gets neglected from time to time. And after reading parts of the book that started it all, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure, I’m eager to try Maxwell’s methods.

See you in 20 days (plus weekends)!

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