Things I Did Last Month: April

Sharing a little more of my world with some things I did last month (I have a life. I swear!):


I’ve become quite the fan of independent movies over the past few years. I’m not what you would call a “buff” but I probably see more than the average person. Last month, I screened The Hunter starring Willem Dafoe. It’s about this hunter/wilderness expert who is hired to track down the last Tasmanian tiger, an animal thought to be extinct (or is it???). The scenery is STUNNING. In fact, the film may be worth viewing just to catch a glimpse of the lush Tasmanian rainforest. I could add my lengthy review, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to read it! :0)

In short, a solid B.



Seeking a change of pace, I searched online to find a highly-rated but new-to-me establishment for a friend’s birthday dinner. I settled on Belgian restaurant Brasserie Beck and it was well worth it. As to be expected, the mussels and frites were super tasty. After all, who can resist french fries?!?! Certainly not me. I also loved the pork belly appetizer (such fatty goodness!), and the dessert concoction mixing mango, coconut, and basil was strange but delicious. I felt like a judge on Food Network.



Lastly (at least for the purposes of this blog entry), I attended a panel discussion and screening of the documentary Bully. It’s such an important film, especially for parents and students. Go see it! And/or support the cause at Again, I could write at length about this particular topic but I’m sure you’re aware. Bullying needs to be nipped in the bud. STAT.


Since I didn’t start these entries in March as planned, here are some bonus activities: Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson at the National Press Club (He’s so smart and inspiring! Seriously. He made me want to write for a living) and the uber cute movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt.