Things I Did Last Month: May


Early in the month, I attended an event celebrating MG+BW’s 5th anniversary in DC - lots of well-dressed people, awesome munchies, and all the specialty drinks you could handle. I took a picture with my bff, Mitch, but it’s completely out of focus. Bummer! He said “lovely to see you again” upon greeting each other, but I’m pretty sure my beau planted the seed. Mitchell Gold meets too many people on a daily basis to remember lil’ ol’ me!


I’m sure you’ve heard about the clever Wes Gordon film by now, but weeks ago, I had no clue what I was getting into. I had seen pictures of the star-studded cast at Cannes (Love ya, Tilda!) but knew absolutely nothing about the movie itself. In the end, Moonrise Kingdom proved to be a delightful surprise. It was highly peculiar but made me giggle often. Go see it!!


On Memorial Day, I made my first trip to Arlington National Cemetery. My beau’s great-grandparents are buried there, so we visited their graves after taking in other points of interest. I was so distracted by the heat and uphill climb that I failed to properly photograph the experience. It really is a lovely place and can be quite tranquil once you break free of the crowds. Have you been?