While I was out

Forgive me. I realize that it’s been over two months since my last post (yikes) but I fell victim to another spontaneous blogging sabbatical. After a laptop meltdown, the holidays, and a new job, I decided to take a wee break while I realign for 2012. I spent weeks outlining goals, activities, deadlines, and the like so I could make the most out of the year. It was an important exercise that I hope will yield awesome results (details forthcoming).

While madly planning the year away, I also made time for:

1. Blogging (but not here)

To aid my thinking and rekindle my passion for writing, I started a personal blog about designing in the twenty-teens and sharpening my skills as a designer. I can’t share everything here (it is personal, after all) but I hope to post revelations/ideas that may be of interest. So, prepare yourselves for future, image-less entries on mildly related topics. I hope you don’t mind.

My personal blog also revealed the drawbacks of blogging in the moment, i.e., posting things on a whim. What’s my rush? Seriously? I have no clue.

2. Tumbling (as always)

Hello Sukio | Sukio on Tumblr

Hello Sukio | Sukio on Tumblr

Of course, I still needed some method of self-expression and Tumblr is thee best. In addition to the usual fare, my tumblelog served as a temporary showcase for the interior design photos that I’d usually post here. I also developed a fondness for peonies. Pretty, pretty.

3. Fixing

I finally tackled the many flaws incurred when moving the blog last year. But, as I fixed one problem, I created another. I’m certain that nearly every internal and/or incoming link is broken. Terribly frustrating but I’ll keep working on it.

4. Pinning 

I’ve also been pinning, not just randomly but collaboratively too. I spent parts of February pinning New York Fashion Week along with a few fellow bloggers. Collaboration may be one of my favorite uses of Pinterest. Our little project also reaffirmed my love of fashion. I just loooove it. Not in the practical way, of course. No ogling of wares that I can actually afford. Never that! So, expect meatier Friday Fashion posts fraught with luxury and aspirational living.

Ok. Now that you’re all caught up, let the blogging commence - Sukio style.