Ready or Not, It's Time to Ship

When a passion project becomes a thorn in your side, it's time to ship. So, that's exactly what I did. I buckled down and willed myself to plan, design, and launch a website in less than 7 days. There were ebbs and flows - periods of startling productivity followed by blank thoughts and wide-eyed blinking. I'm not sure if the end product met my original expectations, but it did possess one all important attribute - it was finished. It was real and clickable and viewable by others. And that bests any dreamy idea drying up like a raisin in the sun.

I shipped on a Wednesday evening without much fanfare (That will come later). The personal satisfaction was enough. Years after thinking up Memo Rogue, a website for working women like myself, I published its first batch of workplace wisdom for any and everyone to drink up, criticize, or, most likely, ignore. How else do you know if your idea is worth pursuit?

My days consulting for PwC suggested a different approach to women at work was sorely needed. During my time there, I felt more like an observer than an employee - watching things unfold, always questioning. It reminded me of previous gigs with previous employers - some who got it right and others who got it all wrong. I thought of the advice from business magazines and career experts who ceaselessly suggest the key to success is being someone else. "Act like this. Dress like this. They do it, so you best do it too!" All the chatter inspired an idea: Women should be able to thrive by simply being their best selves. Charades not needed.

This is where it started and grew. I wanted to create a resource for women who feel comfortable with who they are - that is, of course, until they get the office. For it is there, we feel the need to play the game and put on masks. We emulate some manufactured paradigm in hopes that it leads to success. The formula works for many. But for the remainder who crave authenticity, Memo Rogue aspires to be the antidote. I want to empower women to get out there and be the change. The way you manage, how you reward, leadership through service... These are the things (no matter how small) that we can affect. And with time, it may just catch on.

Learn more about Memo Rogue on my project page or visit the site.