Sukio Design Boutique

More than a store, Sukio's brick–and–mortar gave shelter to my unconventional design philosophies.

From 2009 - 2011, I owned and operated a quaint, little design boutique in the heart of DC. With a focus on art and accessories, Sukio the store (affectionately known as "the Shoppe") offered products rare to the Metro area. From emerging artists and makers to established-but-new-to-DC brands like Jonathan Adler, my goal was to showcase the beauty of well-crafted objét in a decidedly unpretentious environment. A sign reading "No snobs please" would have been the perfect touch.

Did I become the biggest hit in DC? Of course not. But there was unmeasurable satisfaction in curating the type of product line I had always envisioned - one as unique and varied as each of us. Meanwhile, the design of the space reflected personal tastes and became a lab for my own creativity. I styled and restyled, painted walls black, brought in fresh flowers, and played Bossa Nova... the Shoppe became my second home.

It was an unfinished work, but still gratifying. Perhaps, the ultimate validation came by way of a charming couple one Sunday afternoon. Yes, when Mitchell Gold and his husband called my shop "cute" with wondering eyes and nodding approval, nothing else quite mattered.

Stock List. Amani at Home, Anthousa, Assouline, Book City, Danica, Holland Cox, Home Port, Jonathan Adler, Kala Studios, KleinReid, Kobo, Love Shop, Michele Varian, Proteak, Secondline, Thomas Paul, Worlds Away, and vintage objects

Featured Artists. Gregg Deal, Edward McCluney, Marta Miranda, Eto Otitigbe, Lisa Rosenstein, Heather Soskin, Sarah Van Steenburg, and Louis Young

Mentions. The Pinkline Project, Lifestyles of the Authentic and Creative, ReadysetDC, The Interior Design Resource Agency, Washington Life Magazine, and Hill Rag

“In a cute little walk-up in the heart of D.C.’s Art District lies the secret jewel of the Sukio Design Company. Functioning as an art gallery, design studio and furnishings retailer, this luxe boutique boasts a melange of colorful, unique and eclectic home accessories sourced from artisans and craftsmen from New York to Australia. Sukio showcases well-crafted pieces with touches of whimsy in beautiful vignettes alongside luxurious and indulgent, one-of a-kind works of art.”


“Unlike the one-note alternatives, Sukio’s merchandise stimulates the imagination by suiting every possible taste. Silk and velvet pillow embellished with an oriental peacock print over a cerulean blue background and a fuschia triim reeks of exotic flair while a porcelain piggy bank gilded in platinum overlay adds an air of whimsical extravagance. This blend of varied styles within the close proximity of the intimate showroom creates such a curious juxtaposition that I fully expect a new surprise with each visit.”