DC Design: Campion Platt

Monday night, I had the pleasure of meeting architect and designer Campion Platt. Have you met him in person? Very dashing (He has the look of a 50’s movie star). However, I was most impressed by his thoughtful approach to design and versatility. The lecture highlighted the breadth of his portfolio. From country home to New York loft, contemporary, classic, big, small, Campion is a jack of all trades.

Though each unique, his designs share a common thread of customization. Campion is a true problem solver and will often incorporate customized solutions to tell a “story” – a concept that captures the essence or spirit of both home and client.


Campion shows original sketches alongside completed projects. Here, Campion designed a Le Corbusier-inspired chaise to fill a

bedroom nook.

Of all the projects presented, the White Loft living room may be my favorite. This room, featuring a contemporary palette of creams and purples, also graces the cover of his new book, Made to Order. Another eye-catcher was a Grace Kelly-inspired unit at the Manhattan House. Campion incorporated an extra long banquette swathed in his own Metro Cloth collection. Oh, the parties to be had!

White Loft Living Room

Manhattan House Living Room

Following the lecture, Campion signed copies of Made to Order with a coordinating plum marker. He joked that he often wears a purple shirt as well. Sense a theme here? As for the book, it’s beautiful. I highly recommend it. And if you’re unfamiliar with Campion Platt, I suggest you review his portfolio pronto.


Signing my copy.


Engrossed in conversation with design pal Jean Kee.

“…the ideas that form the building blocks of a successful project – like every aspect of the design process – are worthy of close consideration. And the best way to consider things, I’ve found, is to make them to order.” - Campion Platt