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Out and About: The Spanish Office Showroom


How do the Spanish work? Thanks to a new exhibition sponsored by the Embassy of Spain's Cultural Office, I can safely answer, "Stylishly." With the help of Apartment Zero, local purveyor of modern design, S.O.S. Spanish Office Showroom is much like a shoppable expo—a series of rooms with award-winning Spanish furniture and products in situ, all available via catalog.

As someone who has seen their share of sad (very sad) workplaces, I was intrigued by the concept; what would it be like to work in an environment where form and function are equally valued? Even the trash cans (i.e., the Fénix by Vilagrasa) are beautiful in their simplicity and design. The lighting, equally so. Stimulating but without distraction, the furniture of S.O.S. demonstrates what's possible for the oft-overlooked office space.





More pics after the jump.

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