Out and About: Artists in Dialogue

As a designer, I'm constantly hunting for inspiration and, fortunately, DC is a wellspring of creative fodder. Just Thursday, I stumbled upon a hidden gem at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art. The installation, Artists in Dialogue 2, is in sharp contrast with the museum's other exhibits. Though still underground, the room was bright and airy - the white walls reflecting generous overhead lighting. Stepping over the threshold, from dark to light, is an experience in itself. The installation also features some VERY contemporary works unlike the museum's more archeological pieces.

Sandile Zulu, Spinal Diagnosis--a regenerate case no. 1

The contributing artists, Sandile Zulu and Henrique Oliveira, work with atypical media to say the least. Zulu's tool of choice - fire. Who knew burn marks could be so captivating? Though Oliveira has two types of work represented, his site-specific, 3-D installations were by far the most impressive. The artist designed two large works that seemingly grow out of the walls - each constructed from old fencing material. Recycling at its finest.


Henrique Oliveira, BololôI highly recommend that you see the exhibit first hand, but don't just take my word for it. My continent-hopping, artist friend from NYC also gave it two thumbs up. Lucky for you, the show runs through December (learn more). 

via africa.si.edu and henriqueoliveira.com