Styling Secrets

If I have learned nothing else from America’s Next Top Model, it’s the ginormous effort required for beautiful fashion photos. Yes, each girl is lovely in her own way, but makeup, “smizing”, a good photographer, and Photoshop create the illusion of perfection. The same is true for pics found in interior design magazines, and thanks to stylist Margot Austin, we have proof!

Below are some before and after shots of a home featured in the November issue of Style at Home. “Before” shots, on the left, are the scouting photos taken with Margot’s iPhone. They show the home as it looks on a daily basis (much like the polaroids of models taken on go-sees). The “after” shots, on the right, are the final photos that appear in the magazine. Thanks to a little styling magic and great photography, this home shines.

Accessory swaps plus pillows, pillows, pillows…

The living room was styled with accessories from elsewhere in the home plus some contributions by Margot, including the fuchsia pillow.

Scaling up and flower power…

The dining room mantel is now home to larger artwork. Lots of flowers and a set table complete the shot.

Lots of tweaks and steamed sheets…

New art, accessories, and expertly steamed sheets take the bedroom from great to gorgeous.

So the next time you page through a beautiful magazine spread and ask, “Who lives like this?”, remember the answer: No one! Homes are for living and no matter how grand or spectacular, they most likely look that way in real life. Another important lesson—imagine how fabulous your own home can look with some styling help. Through the use of pillows, throws, color, scale, flowers, books and even food, your home can look picture perfect!

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